As children grow, ensuring they get all the support they need is essential – and paediatric occupational therapy is a powerful tool to help kids develop to be their best.

LifeLift’s professional, caring occupational therapists are passionate about supporting children to be able to more successfully carry out crucial daily tasks. They do this, through building a child’s skills, using a variety of evidence-based therapies, so they can reach their full potential and live with greater independence.

Our NDIS registered therapists assist kids of all ages, helping them to better learn, communicate, play, socialise, manage their emotions, and carry out self-care activities.

Occupational therapy delivers a raft of benefits that can significantly enhance a child’s life. That’s why, at LifeLift, we provide paediatric occupational therapy services in Perth and in Bunbury, WA and surrounds.

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Does my child need OT support?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if a child needs professional interventions, such as paediatric occupational therapy.

Paediatric occupational therapists work with kids to overcome or improve a range of issues, including:

  • Difficulty maintaining attention

Children who find it hard to pay attention can experience many challenges, particularly with learning. Attention issues can be caused by underlying conditions, such as anxiety, ADHD, OCD, trauma or learning disorders.

  • Difficulty with transitioning between activities

When kids find it hard to transition between activities (such as going from play to learning or dinner to bedtime), it can impact their ability to learn, rest, maintain good relationships etc.

Difficulty with transitioning can show up as a child avoiding, distracting, negotiating or outright resisting the change. Often it sparks crying, anger, and meltdowns.

  • Reduced hand strength

If your child holds a pencil with two hands, switches hands frequently when drawing or colouring, has difficulty pulling up socks, putting on shoes or tying shoelaces tightly, has trouble fastening buttons or undoing pants, they may be experiencing a lack of hand strength. This can impact a child’s independence, cause a lack of confidence, and lead to issues such as toileting mishaps.

  • Difficulty with letter formation

Kids who find it hard to form letters correctly can be experiencing a disorder that requires intervention.

For example, dysgraphia can cause writing that is irregular, unclear and inconsistent, making it look ‘sloppy’ and affecting schooling outcomes.

  • Reduced core strength

A child with reduced core strength may have issues sitting still, sitting cross legged, or sitting upright without slumping. It may impact scissor skills, handwriting, persistence, cause back or neck pain, and more.

If you’re unsure if your child requires the specialised help of a paediatric occupational therapist (OT), an OT can undertake an assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Following this, they can create a customised program to support them, should intervention be deemed beneficial.

LifeLift’s paediatric OTs can also determine if your child would benefit from specialised equipment or assistive technologies.

When should a child see a paediatric occupational therapist?

With paediatric occupational therapy, early intervention usually achieves the best results, however, LifeLift’s NDIS registered and AHPRA certified paediatric occupational therapists work with children of all ages.

Our OTs are experienced in working with kids who are diagnosed with disorders including developmental delays, sensory issues, ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, and more.

LifeLift also supports parents (and teachers, if required) to expand their skills and our team prioritises empathy at all times.

Working holistically – and with a focus on fun and empowerment – LifeLift’s paediatric occupational therapists can help your child or adolescent meet their NDIS goals more readily.

As mobile therapists, we can visit clients in Bunbury and surrounds at school or at home.


Do you need to register your child for the NDIS?

If you think your child may be eligible to receive funding through the NDIS, visit the Am I Eligible page to complete an NDIS checklist.

You may wish to complete a form or, if you’d like to make a verbal application, you can call the NDIS on 1800 800 110.

If you already have NDIS funding for paediatric occupational therapy, physio or other LifeLift services, contact us now; we’d love to support your family.

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Do you need to register your child for the NDIS?

Do you offer paediatric occupational therapy near me?

LifeLift’s mobile paediatric occupational therapists can come to you. We are based in Perth and also offer services in Bunbury, WA and surrounds.

My child needs to see a paediatric physio in Bunbury. Can you help?

Yes. LifeLift’s experienced physios, speech pathologists, counsellors, psychologists, dietitians, and occupational therapists are mobile and service WA’s southwest, including Bunbury and surrounding areas.

What are LifeLift’s NDIS paediatric occupational therapy rates?

NDIS paediatric occupational therapy rates vary. Contact us for further information.