LifeLift’s specialist Occupational Therapy (OT) services – including Functional Capacity Assessments – are delivered by our team of friendly therapists who are committed to helping those we care for live more independently and actively – and with dignity, confidence and fulfilment.

Our experienced AHPRA registered occupational therapists are fully equipped to safely support our clients so that daily living becomes easier.

We are a registered NDIS provider and pride ourselves on delivering a superior level of quality care, quickly, and with a lasting, positive impact.

LifeLift’s trained therapists do this by carrying out assessments that highlight the key services, support, devices and equipment that will deliver the greatest benefits to clients, based on their individual needs. This care may be covered by the following NDIS support categories: Improved Relationships, Core, Improved Daily Living.

As well as working with clients directly, our team can liaise with family, friends, other health professionals, teachers and even employers to ensure the best results.

Person focused NDIS


OT: Wide-ranging Benefits

Occupational therapy makes a real and lasting difference to the lives of those we work with and our OT therapists are passionate about the positive impact their services can have.

Our OT team thrives on helping NDIS participants reach achievable goals within their NDIS plan and our therapists are experienced in working with people from all cultures living with a range of health issues.

From children to the elderly and those in between, OT delivers extensive benefits and can help:

  • Dementia clients
  • Those with physical disabilities (including wheelchair-bound patients)
  • People with mental health challenges
  • Stroke patients
  • Amputees
  • Those with spinal cord injuries
  • Clients with podiatry needs
  • People with muscular scoliosis
  • Those with autism
  • Learning disabilities
  • Children with specialized support needs
  • Social skills

Positive behaviour support is also central to all that we do at LifeLift.

Occupational Therapy Services Overview

LifeLift’s compassionate and person-centred OT specialists are trained to undertake a range of assessments that can help underscore the best interventions to help clients live more actively and with more independence.

The cost-effective, comprehensive assessments pave the way to recommend tailored changes and programs that will make the most difference, making room for more joy in daily living.

These assessments may include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Sensory Assessments
  • Functional Daily Living Skills (Functional Capacity) Assessments
  • Home Modification Assessments
  • Activities of Daily Living Assessments
  • Support Independent Living Assessments
  • Workplace Assessments
  • Assistive Technology Assessments

What happens in a functional assessment?

A functional assessment is a process an occupational therapist will assess NDIS participants to understand the various needs which they can assist the participant. Functional assessment is a collaborative process where the OT will be observing the participant’s behaviour, asking relevant questions about their condition and lifestyle and listening to family stories. These assessments will help the OT analyse the participants’ skills and behaviour in a natural setting and best understand their daily routine and challenges across various settings and situations.

Occupational therapists are equipped to support clients, with empathy, to build skills in a number of areas, such as:

  • Handwriting
  • Gross and fine motor coordination
  • Sleeping
  • Toileting
  • Fatigue management, and
  • Life skills
  • Adapting to workplaces

Our team members are able to prescribe OT equipment and devices, where necessary, to make living easier.

LifeLift also delivers services to employees and employers under the WA workers compensation scheme, WorkCover.

LifeLift. Customised care that creates hope, progress and joy through independent living.

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