Do you or a family member living with autism qualify for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) autism support funding to access crucial services?

LifeLift can help families who have children diagnosed with autism and can also support adults impacted by the condition through our NDIS-approved allied health services.

We offer a range of NDIS autism services that can benefit those with an autism-related disability, including:

• speech therapy

• occupational therapy

• physiotherapy

• psychological therapy

• dietary support

All of our friendly, committed therapists are NDIS and AHPRA registered, meaning NDIS funding can cover sessions with them. They are mobile and so can provide vital services to NDIS participants at home, school or work, as appropriate, across Perth and in some regional areas of WA.

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How can NDIS autism funding for kids and adults help?

There are many highly beneficial autism-related supports that children and adults may use NDIS funding to cover. The support services must be aligned to a NDIS participant’s NDIS goals and be related to their disability.

NDIS autism funding may be used to achieve goals such as:

• improving learning capacity
• boosting self-care skills
• enhancing communication skills
• building independent living skills
• learning to use technology
• creating & maintaining social connections
• education & employment support
• travel & transport assistance
• dietary improvement

What LifeLift services can support NDIS autism participants?

Dietitian Services
Feeding and eating issues including fear of trying new foods, picking eating, and food avoidance or refusal are common in people with autism.

LifeLift’s accredited practising dietitians can help manage these challenges and work to improve the nutrition of NDIS participants with autism.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy assists people perform everyday tasks such as shopping, eating, learning, cooking, socialising, and working with more ease.

This enhanced ability to care for themselves and better connect with family, friends and relevant communities can be life-changing.

Psychology & Counselling
As many children and adults with autism benefit from psychology and counselling, it can be covered by NDIS funding.

For example, a psychological method known as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) uses evidence-based techniques to encourage positive, helpful behaviours and lessen behaviours that can cause learning, communication, or social issues, which are common in those with autism.

Speech Therapy
Speech therapists are trained to help people boost their social, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Some people with autism do not speak at all. Those who can speak may still find holding a conversation and understanding body language and facial cues challenging, making speech therapy a powerful tool for many NDIS participants.

Children with ASD are known to experience a higher rate of fine and gross motor difficulties and may have issues with balance, posture and coordination, as well as muscle tone.

Through a range of techniques like exercise plans, stretching, dry needling and massage, physiotherapy assists people with autism to develop their motor and physical skills, which helps them perform daily activities, such as sitting upright for long periods, buttoning clothing, and holding items.




Can I get NDIS funding for autism?

There is funding available through the NDIS for autism, however, not everyone with autism will be able to access it. Each NDIS autism funding application is assessed based on the level of disability being experienced.

Accessing NDIS autism funding for a child under 6 is done via the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) program and you will need an early childhood partner to discuss your child’s goals and needs with you.

For children aged 7 and over, an NDIS local area coordination partner or NDIA planner can assist your NDIS autism funding application. If a NDIS plan is approved, you can begin accessing the vital services your child needs.

Autism NDIS funding access requests can be made by calling 1800 800 110.

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