At Lifelift, we are dedicated to supporting individuals living with disabilities through personalised and evidence-based healthcare services. Our commitment as a registered NDIS provider is to ensure you receive high-quality, safe, and effective support tailored to your NDIS plan and individual needs.

Contact Details:

  • Address: 629 Ranford Road, Forrestdale, WA 6112
  • Phone: 08 6244 5353
  • Website:


How we work

  • Our Approach
    Lifelift takes a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on teamwork and effective communication. Our AHPRA registered professionals collaborate closely with you and your health team to help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.
  • Personalisation
    Understanding that every participant’s needs are unique, we offer customised programs that align with your specific circumstances and NDIS goals, promoting autonomy, dignity, and respect.
  • Innovative and Responsive Care
    We continually innovate to redefine the standards of excellence in healthcare. Your feedback is crucial in this ongoing process, helping us to adapt and improve our services.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive Support System
    From initial consultations to ongoing care, we provide a range of services designed to support your health and well-being comprehensively.
  • Expert Team
    Our team comprises experienced health professionals who are not only experts in their fields but also dedicated to your care

Service Agreement Overview

  • Understanding Your Service Agreement

    Your service agreement with Lifelift outlines the supports and services we will provide, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding. It sets forth the terms and conditions, our commitments to you, and your rights as a participant.

  • Personalised Services

    Each service agreement is tailored to meet your individual needs and goals, providing a clear framework for how services will be delivered.

  • Participants Rights

    As a Lifelift participant, you have the right to:

    • Receive high-quality and safe services.
    • Be treated with dignity and respect.
    • Have your privacy protected.
    • Provide feedback and make complaints without repercussions.

  • Participants Responsibilities

    • To provide accurate information to facilitate your care.
    • To treat our staff and other participants with respect.
    • To adhere to the agreed terms and conditions of the service agreement.

  • Providing Feedback

    Your feedback is invaluable to us. It helps us understand your needs better and improve our services. Please feel free to speak up about your experiences or provide suggestions.

  • Making a Complait

    If you have concerns about the services received, we encourage you to contact us directly:

    Phone: 08 6244 5353
    We are committed to resolving your issues promptly and effectively.

  • External Compaints

    Should you feel unsatisfied with the resolution, you may seek further assistance through external bodies such as the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

    Contacting the NDIS Commission:

    Online: NDIS Commission Complaints
    Phone: 1800 035 544 (Free call from landlines)

Thank you

We thank you for choosing Lifelift. Our team is excited to work with you to achieve your goals and support you in leading a fulfilling life. If you want more detailed information, please download our Participant Handbook.