Is your family searching for outstanding paediatric occupational therapy services in Perth that enhance quality of life?

Occupational therapy (OT) for kids can be life-changing, helping them build crucial skills that allow them to maximise their potential and live more independently. At LifeLift, our OTs prioritise empathy while working with children with a range of conditions including autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, dyspraxia, sensory disorders, developmental delays, and more.

LifeLift’s mobile paediatric OTs in Perth, Australia are NDIS registered, making them the ideal choice for NDIS participants. Our AHPRA certified occupational therapists provide friendly, caring, customised support from the comfort of your home or can visit children at school as required.

At LifeLift, our occupational therapy for kids is aimed at helping your child, or adolescent, meet their NDIS goals more easily.

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Does my child need an occupational therapist?

Occupational therapy for children helps kids overcome physical, social or emotional barriers that may be impacting their ability to be independent and enjoy a successful life.

At its core, it assists a child’s development, so they can do the things they need to do to the best of their ability. LifeLift’s dedicated Perth paediatric occupational therapists focus on connection when delivering our personalised services, to ensure your child feels supported and confident.

OT focuses on key daily living activities, such as:

• Gross and fine motor skills (sitting, crawling, ball skills, coordination, balance, handwriting, muscle strength)
• Self-care skills (dressing, eating, toileting, sleeping)
• Self-management skills (emotional regulation, sensory processing)
• Learning skills (attention, concentration, executive functioning, visual perception, literacy)
• Social skills (engaging with others, play, making friends, problem solving)

LifeLift’s paediatric OTs can also evaluate if your child would benefit from specialised equipment or assistive technologies (dressing devices, communication aids, wheelchairs, bathing equipment).

We also prioritise working with parents, and even teachers, of our NDIS clients to grow their support skills. With occupational therapy, early intervention usually delivers the best results.

How it works: Perth paediatric OT services

At LifeLift, our children’s occupational therapy services may be covered by the NDIS, if they are deemed to be able to help your child achieve their NDIS goals.

Our paediatric OTs begin with getting to know your child, including assessing their needs at home and school, if necessary.

Our Perth therapists then create a customised, outcome-based plan to support your child to live more independently, promoting increased health and wellbeing. We work collaboratively with your family to implement this plan.

LifeLift’s paediatric occupational therapists also provide written progress reports and will revise your personalised OT plan as required.

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Paediatric occupational therapist Perth FAQs

When can my child see a LifeLift NDIS paediatric occupational therapist?

Contact our team to arrange for your child to see a paediatric OT within 7 days.

Are your paediatric occupational therapists NDIS approved?

Yes, LifeLift’s occupational therapists are NDIS approved and AHPRA registered to work with kids.

Do you provide other NDIS supports?

Yes! Our team covers behaviour support, dietary, community nursing, psychology, physiotherapy etc.

What are LifeLift’s NDIS paediatric occupational therapy rates?

NDIS paediatric occupational therapy rates vary. Contact us for further information.