The NDIS covers occupational therapy to help NDIS participants safely live more independently – and with more confidence – by building their skills and improving their body’s ability to move and function.

LifeLift’s friendly, professional team of occupational therapists are NDIS registered and work with participants in Perth and select parts of regional Western Australia.

Our highly trained occupational therapists (OTs) support people of all ages living with significant and permanent disability (whether it be physical, cognitive, psychosocial or sensory), including offering paediatric services.

LifeLift’s OTs undertake assessments and devise personalised, practical, solution-focused rehabilitation programs from the comfort of a NDIS participants’ home, school, or workplace.

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How do NDIS occupational therapy services help?

Occupational therapy provides support, programs and guidance that aim to help people better care for themselves, connect with their communities, and perform tasks like eating, sleeping, cooking, shopping, learning, and working.

Our NDIS approved occupational therapists can carry out functional assessments (including driving assessments, psychosocial functional capacity assessments and assistive technology assessments) to help determine what type of rehabilitation is needed to improve a person’s mobility and function. The results are used to create a program tailored to the individual’s specific needs using evidence-based techniques.

OTs may recommend home modifications, equipment (grab rails, ramps, scooters etc), and assistive technologies to support a person to live with more ease.

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Do I need a NDIS occupational therapy service agreement?

NDIS participants with approved funding for occupational therapy support services may be asked to sign a service agreement. These agreements set out the details of your plan, the services to be delivered and the total cost, and provide clarity for NDIS participants and providers.

For occupational therapy services to be funded by the NDIS, they must be deemed to be able to help you reach your NDIS goals. These services come under the ‘capacity building’ category and ‘improved daily living’ sub-category.

Your NDIS occupational therapist will provide written reports on your progress over time.


Do you offer NDIS occupational therapy near me?

If you live in the Perth metropolitan area, we can support you with NDIS funded mobile occupational therapy services.

We also cover some parts of regional Western Australia.

Occupational therapy can support people living with a range of conditions like anxiety, depression, dementia, physical disabilities, and autism and other developmental disorders.

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NDIS Occupational Therapy FAQs

Q1: Do you provide NDIS occupational therapy assistants?

LifeLift’s team includes assistants to help your NDIS budget go further. Please contact us for details.

Q2: How do I book to see a NDIS occupational therapist near me?

Contact our team to see a therapist within 7 days in Perth and some regional areas.

Q3: Do you provide other NDIS support services?

Yes, we offer complementary therapies such as behaviour support, psychology, counselling, physiotherapy, and dietitian services.

Q4: What does a NDIS occupational therapist cost?

Occupational therapy hourly rates, fees, costs, and pricing guides vary. Contact us for details.

Person focused NDIS

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