Some mental health challenges become so severe that they can become a disability for the person affected.

As it’s well recognised that these people may greatly benefit from psychological therapy or counselling services, people experiencing disability from a mental health condition may qualify for NDIS funding.

NDIS participants with approved funding for psychology or counselling support may be dealing with issues, such as:

  • Grief / loss
  • Relationship challenges ie. Divorce, separation
  • Disability / illness
  • Abuse / trauma
  • Transition to aged / residential care
  • Struggling with a loss of independence

Understanding that psychology and counselling can positively change lives and allow people with disability to live more independently and with more dignity, LifeLift is pleased to provide these services.

We see NDIS participants who are living with mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, family issues, personality disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia, burnout and other conditions.

We are registered NDIS providers and our psychologists and counsellors – who are part of a larger allied health team at LifeLift – offer caring and professional person-centred care and are experienced in working with people from a range of cultures and backgrounds, as well as children.

Where necessary, we work with other health care professionals to ensure NDIS participants get the most benefits from our psychology and counselling services.

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Psychological & Counselling Therapy Benefits

Psychology is defined as the study of the mind, how it works and how it impacts behaviour.

Psychologists can, therefore, help provide crucial insights – insights that allow for greater understanding of ourselves and why we do what we do.

With this type of support, people can implement changes that positively impact their lives, leading to benefits such as:

  • Improved stress management
  • Better decision making
  • Increased capacity to choose future behaviours
  • Understanding past behaviours

These insights and changes can positively impact a person’s relationships, career, communication, self-awareness, confidence, and lifestyle choices, amongst other benefits.

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Psychological Assessments Explained

We offer a number of different types of psychology and counselling services, with our psychologists and counsellors trained in an extensive range of disciplines.

From cognitive to clinical and developmental psychology, relationship to rehabilitation and trauma counselling, and more, LifeLift’s therapists can make a tangible, positive difference to NDIS participants.

Assessments are an essential part of the process of psychology and counselling. LifeLift’s AHPRA-registered therapists use psychological assessments to learn more about NDIS participants and the outcomes / goals they wish to achieve through taking part in talk-based therapy.

A mental health assessment can identify mental health disorders, if present, and reveal the impact of mental health challenges on a person’s life, paving the way for counsellors and psychologists to recommend ways to support an NDIS participant’s mental health.

These assessments involve four stages:

  • Interview with the NDIS participant (and possibly significant others)
  • Psychometric assessments / tests / therapist observation / review of relevant medical information
  • Report creation, including recommended services, treatments, therapies for the individual. This may include a diagnosis, however, it may not.
  • Feedback session

These assessments can be funded through the NDIS.

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Psychologists and counsellors improving lives in Perth.

LifeLift’s passionate and dedicated psychologists and counsellors provide superior services to help you be your best and live with greater fulfillment.

Our empowering psychological and counselling services are delivered one-on-one, so it will just be your and your therapist, usually meeting in your home or another suitable, private location.

As we are home to a greater team of experts, we can also provide other complementary services, should you need them, such as occupational therapy, positive behaviour support. dietitian services, and more.

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