The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can cover physiotherapy services. This is in recognition of the fact that physiotherapy focuses on supporting people with disability to be able to move and function better, making a significant positive difference to their lives.

Where does physio funding fit in my NDIS plan? It can come under ‘capacity building’ or ‘core’ support but must assist participants to meet their NDIS goals.

Importantly, NDIS physiotherapy services, such as assessments, must be provided by a NDIS approved physiotherapist if your plan is managed by an agency or the NDIS. LifeLift’s person-centred, compassionate physiotherapists are NDIS and AHPRA registered.

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How do NDIS registered physiotherapists help NDIS participants?

LifeLift’s NDIS funded physiotherapy assessments, treatments and equipment offer a range of benefits that can make living easier for NDIS participants.

Physios can help with:

  • Injury prevention & recovery
  • Stroke or heart attack recovery
  • Managing chronic pain
  • Managing physical, intellectual & psychosocial disabilities
  • Surgery rehabilitation / recovery
  • Management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cerebral palsy, MS & cardiac issues
  • Avoiding / reducing the need for surgery
  • Neurological & acquired brain injuries

Physiotherapy can help people:

  • Regain body strength
  • Maintain mobility (via massage, pilates, joint and soft tissue mobilisation etc)
  • Manage blood sugar levels
  • Exercise more easily
  • Build muscle, tendon and ligament strength and flexibility
  • Relieve pain (using techniques such as ultrasound, taping, exercises)

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What will a NDIS physio do?

There are different ways to approach physiotherapy and LifeLift’s mobile physio services create a treatment plan just for you.

Initially, our physios undertake a NDIS physiotherapy assessment. This critical assessment helps determine your specific needs and goals, and how the physio will help you achieve these, factoring in your disability. It involves identifying areas to improve so you enjoy better body movement and function and avoid injury.

LifeLift’s caring physiotherapists may also:

  • Devise and update treatment plans ie. home exercise programs, hydrotherapy and dry needling
  • Recommend physio equipment and mobility aids
  • Create pain management plans
  • Provide advice on managing disabilities / health conditions
  • Write physio progress reports

What is a NDIS physiotherapy service agreement?

At your initial NDIS funded physio appointment, our physiotherapist will work with you to create a service agreement for both of you to sign.

This agreement outlines what you’d like to achieve through physio treatment and is a plan for how to do this, as guided by your NDIS approved physiotherapist. It also details how many treatments are recommended and the costs.

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NDIS Phsyiotherapy FAQs

Q1: Can you help if I don’t have NDIS funding for physio yet?

LifeLift is happy to help NDIS participants learn more about the NDIS and physiotherapy, so feel free to reach out.

Q2: Can I see a NDIS physio near me today?

LifeLift ensures NDIS participants in Perth and select WA regional areas can see a therapist within 7 days.

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Q3: Can you tell me NDIS physio costs or rates?

Hourly rates, fees, and pricing costs vary depending on the specifics of your situation.

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Q4: Do you provide other NDIS supports?

Yes! Our team covers occupational therapy, behaviour support, psychology, dietitian services, and more.

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