Supported wherever you are

We’re fortunate to live in a world where online platforms and technology allow more and more people to get the therapy they need, when they need it. Our NDIS telehealth services give you access to allied health professionals, like occupational therapists and speech therapists, no matter where you are – or how easy it is for you to travel.

Whether you’re using telehealth or accessing our practitioners in person, we always deliver the same level of compassion and standard of person-centred care.

How does telehealth work?

Telehealth (or telepractice) is the delivery of care and therapy online, generally through a video or audio call. As long as you have a smartphone, computer or other device and a reliable internet connection, you can access a telehealth appointment from the comfort of your own home. Simply book a time, and log in.

We recommend aiming to be punctual and having all your documents ready to go before your appointment. If you’re caring for the person who will be using telehealth, take the time to explain to them how the session will work.

In every other respect, it’s the same as seeing a therapist in person – for example, your online occupation therapist will give you the same expert assessment and report.

The benefits of telehealth

Our NDIS telehealth services offer all kinds of advantages, particularly for individuals living with disability. While it’s not always feasible, there’s increasing evidence to show the benefits of telehealth therapy. And, for those living in marginalised communities or rural locations who often wait up to 18 months to see a therapist, it’s easy to see why.

Accessibility and convenience

With telehealth, there’s no need to travel. This is ideal for people with mobility issues or living in regional Australia. You choose the time, and often, get your session booked sooner.

Safety and comfort

Getting support from your home means you won’t have to visit any facilities or use any transport, which is ideal for those who are vulnerable to diseases like COVID-19.

Continuity of care

A major benefit of NDIS telehealth is that it ensures there’s no disruption in care. You’ll be able to maintain regular contact with your healthcare provider for consistent, reliable support.

NDIS telehealth for a range of services

If you qualify for NDIS, we can help you. As a registered NDIS provider, we provide telehealth for services including:

Behaviour support: Our team of AHPRA-registered therapists works with clients to develop positive behaviour strategies and interventions. Through telehealth, we provide ongoing guidance to help individuals develop skill sets and manage their behaviours.

Counselling and psychological services: We offer mental health OT and psychological therapy to clients across WA. Our therapists use telehealth to deliver confidential and supportive sessions that work to better mental well-being.

Occupational therapy: Always mobile, our occupational therapists help clients develop the skills they need for daily living and participation in the community. LifeLift occupational therapists use telehealth to provide online assessments and help clients achieve their goals.

Speech therapy: Our speech therapists work with clients of all ages to improve their communication and comprehension skills. Telehealth lets us provide speech therapy sessions with online resources that are engaging and effective, helping participants be more capable and confident in their communication.

All our services are accessible through telehealth, across:

• Occupational therapy
• Behaviour support
• Physiotherapy
• Dieticians
• Support coordination
• Community nursing
• Support workers
• Autism support

At LifeLift, we believe in transforming an individual’s quality of life in whatever way we can. Whether it’s through telehealth, in-person or a combination of the two, our therapists are highly trained and highly compassionate. Person-centred care sits at the core of what we do, because we believe the most effective therapy needs to take into account everything that makes you, you. So, whatever your challenges, let’s work through them together.

For more information on our NDIS telehealth services, contact our friendly team today.