Are you searching for a NDIS dietitian in Perth to help enhance your health and wellbeing, or to support someone you care for?

At LifeLift, our NDIS approved and AHPRA registered dietitians are passionate about working work with NDIS participants to help them achieve their potential and live with vitality.

Access to a dietitian (dietetics services) may be covered for participants who need help to manage their diet (nutrition) because of their disability.

LifeLift’s experienced dietitians can provide personalised support to NDIS participants at home or work.

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What does a dietitian do for NDIS participants?

A healthy diet is critical for peak health and wellbeing.

To say it another way – food fuels function.

Understanding this, the NDIS may fund a dietitian to help participants increase their nutrition and become healthier, thereby experiencing a better quality of life.

Food and nutrition education can help people eat a higher quality diet, and one that’s appropriate for their condition.

The range of services the NDIS may possibly fund could include:

  • Designing a nutritional meal plan
  • Providing support to you to prepare meals
  • Training for your carers, family, support workers to help you follow your plan
  • Updating meal plans
  • Nutrition reviews
  • Creating customised dietary guidelines
  • Help for managing weight loss or malnutrition

In some instances, funding may be provided for nutritional supplements, thickener products or HEN formula, if your ability to receive nutrition from a regular diet is impaired. HEN or PEG equipment, like feeding tubes or pumps, funding may also be available.

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Which is better – dietitian or nutritionist?

People with disability have “unique and complex food and nutrition needs”, as stated by Dietitians Australia, which says working to meet these needs is essential to help them achieve their lifestyle and health goals.

To qualify for NDIS funding for a dietitian, this support must be deemed to be able to help you reach your NDIS goals.

A common question when considering dietary needs is, ‘is it better to see a dietitian or nutritionist?’

So, which is better? Dietitian or nutritionist?

In Australia, qualified dietitians are also qualified nutritionists. However, not all nutritionists – who are not subject to regulations – are dietitians.

In order to be recognised as a dietitian, nutritionists must obtain a formal qualification.


Can a NDIS dietitian help me?

Dietitians can help people with health conditions and disabilities, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Eating disorders
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • MS
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Autism, & more.

Our NDIS approved dietitians can liaise with NDIS participants and their families and carers to help prevent and address nutritional and diet issues.

Their role is diverse but may include providing advice and education on diet and nutrition, assessing dietary intake, eating behaviours, and nutritional requirements, developing strategies to overcome dietary challenges, and creating personalised plans to address food-related issues.

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Q1: Can a dietitian help with autism?

People with autism commonly experience feeding and eating issues such as food avoidance or refusal, picky eating, fear of trying new foods etc.

LifeLift’s accredited practising dietitians can support people with autism to manage these challenges and work to improve their nutrition.

Q2: How do I book to see a NDIS dietitian near me?

Contact our team to see a therapist within 7 days in Perth and some regional areas.

Q3: Do you provide other NDIS supports?

Yes! Our team covers occupational therapy, behaviour support, psychology, physiotherapy etc.

Q4: What does a NDIS dietitian cost?

Dietitian hourly rates, fees, and pricing costs vary. Contact us for details.

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