Finding a NDIS approved occupational therapist who can work with your child to help them better manage their disability is easier with LifeLift.

Our team can carry out critical NDIS occupational therapy assessments and implement life-changing personalised programs that help boost independence and confidence.

Our therapists support clients to reach their NDIS goals, whether that be to better perform home-based tasks, self-care tasks, communicate or learn with more ease, enhance their engagement in social activities, or increase their ability to interact in their local community. We can also advise on home modifications, assistive technology, housing and vehicle use.

We’re experienced in working with children of all ages who live with a range of physical, cognitive, developmental, sensory or psychosocial disabilities. Our friendly and knowledgeable therapists are mobile, so can support you and your child at school, in other community settings, or at home.

Wondering about our NDIS rate for occupational therapy? Get in touch with the helpful LifeLift team today and we’ll let you know which NDIS hourly rates apply to you.

LifeLift: Your Occupational Therapist NDIS Perth

 Occupational therapists are allied health professionals who work with people with disability, including children, to support them to enjoy greater independence and fulfilment.

They are often funded under the NDIS to help NDIS participants be able to take part in important life activities and carry out essential life tasks.

LifeLift’s paediatric occupational therapists use current research, proven therapies, equipment, and cutting-edge assistive technologies to help clients more readily reach their NDIS goals.


NDIS Occupational Therapy Assessments

Assessments form an integral part of NDIS occupational therapy services.

LifeLift’s NDIS registered occupational therapists are qualified to perform assessments in a number of areas, including:

  • Assistive Technology Assessments – such as for wheelchairs, scooters, shower chairs, hoists, slings, specialised seats, and more. We can prescribe this equipment as necessary to make living tasks simpler.
  • Home Modification Assessments – these assessments look at what home modifications (such as ramps and grab rails in bathrooms, kitchen), can assist NDIS participants to better perform essential life tasks.
  • Functional Capacity Assessments – are used to assess a person’s mobility and function and can include psychosocial functional capacity assessments, supported independent living (SIL) assessments and supported disability accommodation (SIA) assessments.


Looking for an NDIS occupational therapist near me?

If you’re looking for a NDIS occupational therapist near you for your child and family, LifeLift can help.

Our approach is based on finding out what your NDIS goals are, assessing your needs and implementing personalised programs and therapies that deliver results.

Our aim is empowerment. Our NDIS approved paediatric occupational therapists thrive on helping kids to be their best and live with more joy, connection and confidence.

We are committed to timely service, so get in touch today and we’ll make contact to arrange an appointment.



Q.What age group is the NDIS for?

A.We pride ourselves on offering quick access to our NDIS registered occupational therapists, including paediatric OTs. As well as Perth, we service Bunbury and surrounding areas. Contact us today.

Q.What is the NDIS rate for OT?

A. As occupational therapy rates can vary under the NDIS, reach out to our friendly team for details of OT rates and fees.

Q. Why do I need an NDIS OT assessment?

A. OT assessments help occupational therapists understand your specific needs (including looking at a person’s mobility and function where appropriate) and what interventions and therapies will best help NDIS participants reach their NDIS goals.

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