LifeLift’s committed team puts care and quality at the forefront of all its interactions with NDIS participants.

Our person-centred NDIS registered therapists are kind and deeply passionate about helping people enhance their health through increasing their skills and growing their independence.

People with disability can, as acknowledged by Dietitians Australia, have “unique and sometimes complex food and nutrition needs”. Working with a qualified dietitian can boost a person’s physical, mental and social wellbeing by furthering their understanding of food and nutrition and how a healthy diet can support their life.

LifeLift’s experienced dietitians can visit you at home or at work. and outside of normal business hours, to deliver expert advice, such as meal planning services and nutrition education.

What do dietitians do?

A dietitian is a person who understands how nutrition (food/diet) affects the body and is qualified to give expert nutrition and dietary advice that can help treat a range of health conditions.

Specific dietetics support may cover areas or topics including:

• Weight management
• Eating disorders
• Meal planning, budgeting, reviews, skill building
• Mealtime issues
• Fussy / picky eating
• Malnutrition, unexplained weight loss
• Gut / heart health
• Tube feeding / weaning
• Counselling to support dietary change
• Bowel-related issues ie. constipation/diarrhoea

Dietitian vs nutritionist: An important note

A dietitian can help people support their health while living with conditions and disabilities such as diabetes, eating disorders, cystic fibrosis, MS, gastrointestinal diseases, cognitive disorders, autism and more.

In Australia, a qualified dietitian is also a nutritionist. However, nutritionists (who are not regulated) must obtain a formal qualification in dietetics to be recognised as a dietitian (who do operate under regulations).

In a nutshell, dietitians are nutritionists too – but not all nutritionists are dietitians.

Dietitians and specific disabilities

Dietitians can make a tremendous difference to the lives of those with disabilities, helping ensure a greater quality of life and supporting people so they experience fewer everyday challenges.

For example, people living with cystic fibrosis (CF) benefit from a nutritious diet and healthy body weight, with research linking these to less frequent chest infections and improved lung function.

As well as making sure those with CF are eating the best foods for their individual needs – taking into account any relevant issues with constipation, coughing, mucus, poor weight gain, and constipation – dietitians can recommend supplements, enzymes and other dietary supports. People with CF also may have diabetes and dietitians can factor this into their recommendations to assist with blood sugar levels.

Dietary advice and support can also assist those with autism, who can experience increased sensitivity to taste, which may affect their eating and limit their food choices. Other issues that can affect people with autism include heightened sensitivity to smells and sights, gut / digestive issues, and food hypersensitivity.

Dietitians can provide education on alternative food choices to meet nutrition requirements, suggest techniques to deal with fussy or picky eating, and offer ideas to decrease mealtime anxiety, for example.

An autism diet or diet plan can support a healthy diet and food choices, which are key to good nutrition and maintaining physical health and mental wellbeing.

How NDIS covers dietitian services

If you’re a NDIS participant needing help to understand food and its nutritional value better or improve your eating, you may be able to receive funding for this, if your needs are directly related to your disability.

Accessing meal planning supports and/or advice from a qualified dietitian may be possible through the NDIS categories of: Core (Assistance with daily life) and Capacity Building (Improved health and wellbeing).

LifeLift’s professional dietitians in Perth for NDIS participants can provide NDIS funded dietetics services.

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